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Advanced Courses
Advanced Courses

ISBT’s Advanced Level One, (AC1) is aimed at experienced Bowen practitioners. Its unique design makes it suitable for practitioners who have trained with any approved Bowen Therapy school.

This course not only includes many advanced Sequences and additional moves for chronic or difficult cases, it deals directly with the realities of clinical practice. 

Subjects covered include:

  • palpation and assessment skills
  • rehabilitation exercises/strategies for chronic cases
  • treating neurological and auto-immune conditions
  • creative approaches using ISBT-Bowen Therapy

20 Advanced Moves covering:

  •          Lumbar, Thoracic and Cervical spine
  •          Sacral and Coccyx
  •          Quadratus Lumborum
  •          Iliopsoas and Abdominal
  •          Hip and Pelvic
  •          Knee, Shin and Lower Leg
  •          Dorsal and Plantar Foot
  •          TMJ and Cranium

Plus:   ~ Learning Guide AC1 DVD
            ~ 80 page manual
            ~ finished artwork to give to patients 

Advanced Level Two
further explores the wider and more creative aspects of using ISBT-Bowen Therapy.


  • 22 additional moves and sequences
  • Revision and expansion of AC1 work including alternative uses for different patient presentations
  • Additional palpation and assessment techniques and strategies
  • Further exploration of strategies for working with chronic & difficult cases