ISBT Teacher Training

ISBT’s Teacher Training is unique and produces quality teachers dedicated to maintaining strict high standards. That may sound like simple marketing waffle but read on and you’ll see why it’s true.

Given that ISBT has been in existence for over a decade, with courses in Australasia, Europe, Asia and South America, it might be imagined that we have teachers splashed about everywhere.  This is definitely not the case. For instance, we have had courses in Germany for about a decade but have only six (very busy) teachers there.

Why? Simple.  ISBT does not conduct short courses in teacher training. It takes a long time for training to be completed. Trainees undertake the training without guarantee of being a teacher at the end. But also with the understanding that the process will provide them with exceptional training to assist in their day to day practice.

At the very least, all trainees are assessed on a one to one basis, over two to three full days, with ISBT Director of Training, Lisa Black. Many of the existing teachers have also undergone full, or at least, partial in-course training with Lisa and/or Col.

And all Teacher Training is free!

Here’s how it’s done.

Having successfully conducted ISBT’s Foundation and Advanced Courses as a normal student, trainees repeat the Foundation Course as an assistant as many times as necessary for them to have a complete understanding of ISBT methods and philosophy.  This usually takes up to two years, maybe more depending on location.

Once ISBT and the Trainee are satisfied that the required level of understanding has been achieved, they then undergo the one to one training where they present the whole course, from Day One explanations of the course to students, to individual anatomical explanations of Sequences and demonstrations, including patient assessment procedures. During this intensive drilling, they are asked questions that students often ask in courses and they must have acceptable answers.

If they complete this satisfactorily, they then lead a course Modules One to Three with ISBT Directors or Senior Teachers as assistants; we hold their hands through their first assignment. They then undergo further assisting in Modules Four to Five before eventually taking over these modules as Full ISBT teachers.

But the teacher training does not stop there.

All teachers are required to attend ongoing training, for instance, at Teacher Conferences and/or as assistants at advanced courses.
And there’s more.

ISBT conducts occasional courses with specialist trainers such as with cancer and neurological issues. Arrangements with these specialists always includes attendance by ISBT Teachers free of charge. It is important to ISBT that Teachers are continually broadening their understanding of the work.

The result, we believe, are the best teachers in the business. Students can attend any ISBT course anywhere in the world and have the same quality level of training as anywhere else. But the teachers are far from being robots. ISBT encourages each teacher to bring their own experience and style to the courses. So long as the quality and continuity of standards doesn’t suffer.

ISBT Directors endeavour to spend time with every teacher every year. After all, we are family.
The ISBT Family.